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Venue Landmarks

The Gathering

Let your creativity run wild as you plan your event on The Gathering. Our 6,000 square foot artificial turf space can host up to 400 guests for a seated dinner and many more guests for free-flowing events. Dress The Gathering with tents, lights, flowers, luxurious linens, and anything else you can imagine and watch your vision unfold in the midst of our wonderful grounds.

Lake Tadros

The calm and peaceful water of Lake Tadros is the statement piece of the property and can be enjoyed lounging on The Dock, laying out on The Beach, or leisurely walking on the path around the lake. As you peer into the water you may even spot some fish happily swimming. Not only is the lake beautiful, it also serves as the primary water source for the property’s irrigation. Lake Tadros is sure to add elegance to any event and beauty to any photo.

The Beach

The white sand at the edge of Lake Tadros with a beautiful view of The Dock makes an unexpected appearance in the desert and will certainly be a guest favorite. The Beach is a great place to set up a dreamy wedding ceremony, a cozy bonfire, or a perfect place to catch some rays


The perfect view from The Dock captures Lake Tadros, The Beach, and the Vista Santa Rosa Mountains making it a wonderful space for photos. The Dock hovers over Lake Tadros on sturdy and stable posts allowing guests to be confident and sure-footed as they dine, dance, or lounge.


The Mesa is an elevated space perfect for ceremonies, cocktail hours, dance floors, lounges, quaint dining events, tent camping during festivals, and more. Guests will have the best mountain views from The Mesa and will enjoy taking in the beauty of the entire property on a new level.

The Murals

The Packhouse vibe is clearly influenced by the colorful murals throughout the property. The incomparable Jules Muckrock's effortlessly-too-cool works of art bring life and excitement to the property.

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